Sunday, February 12, 2006

15 years ago the mother of all crimes started

15 years ago the mother of all crimes started

Baghdad Dweller


January 18, 2006

You know, yesterday 15 years ago was the beginning of one the biggest US crimes against Iraq, yes it is the first Gulf war.
I am sure many of the people involved in politics discussion now, were not mature at that time to remember, not interested to know or not even knew where Iraq is.

As you know after Iraq occupied Kuwait (call it right or wrong but it is similar to what the US doing in Iraq right now), Bush senior was looking for a story to start a war against Iraq.

Story…did I said story…I apologize I mean a "lie" and the "Bush family" are very good in this lying and I want you to compare the events between now and then.

They hired a Kuwaiti girl with a name "Nayirah" (who is the daughter of the Kuwait ambassador in US) and taught her to shed tears before the congress claiming she saw Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti babies from the hospital’s windows.

(The same inventors of Nayirah’s story later in 2002 came up with a story of Al-Qaeda tested chemical weapons on dogs for the same reason). to rally the public opinion in favor of the war.

To be continued

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