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Arab Baath Party Statement

Baath Party Statement
On the anniversary of The Thirty Countries aggression against Mujahid Iraq: The US mess is a lesson to every evil force!

The Arab Baath Socialist Party


In the name of God the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful

The Arab Baath Socialist Party

One Arab Nation, with an eternal mission

Unity, Freedom, Socialism

On the anniversary of The Thirty Countries aggression against Mujahid Iraq:

The US mess is a lesson to every evil force!

Masses of Our Glorious Arab Nation

On this very day on the seventeenth of January 1991, a war by substitution was launched by the US and with 28 states armies and the support of 33 small and not so small countries, against the Center of the Arab National Renaissance, Iraq, to destroy it and to blow off the light beaming from its ribs and loins to clear the Arab homeland night.. After a series of wars launched by the US by substitution either using the reactionary Arabs, the Zionist entity which crowned its aggression by bombing Tammuz Reactor, or through Safawi Iranians, during the shah Mohammad Reza Pahlawi, who used the Kurdish rebellion to wreck the pan Arab Renaissance Project or during the other Shah with a turban, Khomeini, who used his slogan 'exporting Revolution' to Iraq as a cover up for his expansionist and racist projects.. After these wars (by substitution) the US found out that Iraq of the Baath and Iraq of Saddam Hussein has bypassed all regional capabilities specially after defeating Iran… that is why it decided to enter directly the war arena on its own, and with its allies, be foreign, Arabs, or Muslims.. This is how the Thirty Countries Aggression was the trigger who started the Eternal Mother of All Battles, and opened the gates of a long and still ongoing war, which will not stop and in the light of its results will decide the fate of not only the Arab Homeland, but also that of humanity.

You Mujahideens who are standing proud on the Eastern gate of the Arab Homeland!

Yes indeed, the historic Decisive Battle which you are fighting since the Thirty Countries Aggression, evolved to become a total invasion of Iraq in 2003, when Iraq succeeded to break and totally foil the blockade foundations and started to launch its counter attacks on the economical, political, social, ideological and diplomatic levels. For these reasons the invasion of Iraq was decided to destroy its resources, and its Renaissance which are the Baath, its national leadership and its Iraq people support. But as you have wrecked the blockade plot and its objectives, you stood dignified, turning the US invasion of Iraq into (the greatest strategic disaster) in its history as admitted by some of the US warmongers themselves.

And today while you are preparing for the dawn of liberty and dignity to break for Arabs, Muslims and for all the freedom loving humans… all hearts tend towards you and the fate of all humanity rests on your able wrists after you have buried the now deceased (new world order) set as the US global colonialist order to enslave humanity.

The new colonialist era started with the collapse of the Communist world and the achievement of successes in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and other parts of the World. Europe after declaring its unity started to back this order and help building its economical, security, political and technological foundations... While Russia, China and India as the remaining powers have also cooperated with colonialist ascension as (a necessary evil) adapting their state of affairs, and their relationships to avoid confrontation! This is how the Anglo-Saxon elite got lured that it was controlling the whole world and that the only remaining barrier was Iraq of the Baath, very easy to gobble, it will even be a military show, they thought, used to terrorize whom think to rebel against the empire, and making out of him an example on how they will chastise those whoever raises his voice protesting.

Baath Militants!

But this unwise thought about Iraq, as a People, as a Party and as a Leadership, draw the US in the worst of its evil and led it to its ascertained death; for it realized that it was trapped in a killer zone called Iraq. Iraq and Saddam Hussein are the invincible (historical force) because simply it is hidden in the Mujahideen consciences and in the Iraqi gun bearers, in the homes and the hearts of persevering and resisting Iraqis who have embraced, nurtured, and backed the Armed Iraqi Resistance defying the unilateral arrogant power which despised the International law, and which is being routed in Iraq..

And the sorcerer got caught by his on sorcery! The US mess in Iraq turned to be a lesson for any other evil forces which think in the future to aggress other peoples... and its is an example to follow for the Arab nation vanguard, freedom lovers and resisting people of the world against colonialism drawing the lesson from the Iraqi Resistance success.

We see how the peoples of Latin America, the continent called US (back yard), because the US succeed to oppress all its revolutions accusing them of being either Soviet or Chinese inspired.. Today these countries are uprising again using popular support to elect anti US progressives, strengthening the Cuban revolution under the Militant Fidel Castro leadership, from one hand and consolidating the liberation foundations in Venezuela under the leadership of the Courageous President Chavez. Bolivia and its people have elected a proclaimed anti US, as Brazil did when electing a progressive President who led this great country to the freedom and Independence Camp.

Last but not least, Argentina, another great country in South America, prepares itself to choose national anti US forces, thus turning the famous backyard as the US enemy backyard, with the total popular support.

Arab Militants!

The Northern American, European and global peace and anti war uprising against neocolonialism was not possible without the beaming lights of the Armed Iraqi Revolution which ascertained that who wants to combat colonialism is able to triumph if relying on his people and on the justice of his cause. For undergoes in Iraq right now, the greatest historical operation to establish a new regional and a global reality whose foundations are being set by the Iraqi Resistance. That is why the world intellectuals, leaders, and organizations reckon that the fate of the world is being set by the Decisive Battle which will establish its new realities participating strongly in its orientations.

The Iraqi Resistance Jihad is knocking on the door of victory and the US is collapsing like a paper tiger. The US discovers every single hour that another trap in Iraq has again buried its expansionist and colonialist dreams, and that a strong and a free Iraq is being born, thanks to the Armed Resistance Jihad, that Iraq is carrying the good news of Arab Nation historical victory and it is preparing to take back its usurped rights particularly in Palestine.

The National Leadership o f the Arab Baath Socialist Party renews its call to all the national, and Arab forces be it Islamist, Nasserite and leftists, popular organizations, unions, national leaders to set a national front covering all the Arab Homeland to back the progressive and liberation orientations following the example of Revolution Iraq backing and strengthening it in the course of the decisive triumph against Zionism, and western colonialism. This is the only way which can help the heroic and outstanding Mujahideen heroes, in great Iraq and in Palestine, to guarantee decisive victory, to heal the past wounds and to overcome crises and errors.

Let’s make of the Decisive Battle a gate for unity, freedom and liberation of Arabs and Muslims!

Long live heroic Iraqi resistance, the hope of the Nation and the symbol of its youth and its dignity!

Glory to the Arab Nation martyrs and to the new proud dawn!

Long live the detained Leader Mujahid, the General Secretary of our Party and the engineer of the eternal Mother of all Battles!

Long live Palestine, Arab and free from the river to the sea!

The National Leadership

Arab Baath Socialist Party

Culture and Publication Bureau

17 January 2006

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